Our offer can be modulated according to the customer’s needs, from integration in an existing platform
to installation in a land-based casino and creation of a complete online casino.

The products proposed to satisfy our partners include:



For customers who already have a gaming platform.

• integration in 2 weeks
• complete offer with shared tables

Land-Based Casinos

Land-Based Casinos

For land-based casinos wanting to add online live games.

• complete software and hardware package
• independent product without additional personnel

Dedicated Tables

Dedicated Tables

For customers wanting their
own-brand gaming tables.

• ideal for cross-selling other products
• advertising can be included in the game

In-House Casino

In-House Casino

For large online operators wanting to create
their own casino

• maximum customization of the gaming experience
• maximum control of the activities

Live Casinos on TV

Live Casino on TV

For TV networks wanting to offer live game

• streaming from studios or land-based casinos

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